Emilie Rivard Music

Emilie and I talked about this shoot for a while before we got it off the ground. The plan had been to take most of her shots on the top of a parking structure and capture her in under the wide open sky (I'd still like to shoot that). But when Tim and I got to her house in Royal Oak, she had mentioned that she was actually born at home. We knew right then to photograph her there in the house of her birth. Here are two images from that sitting.

Visit her Facebook page @emilierivardmusic to learn about her music and upcoming shows. She treated us to a song while I was shooting her, and believe me, she's a voice and talent you should treat yourself too! 

Emily Rivard, 2017

Emily Rivard, 2017

Emily Rivard, 2017

Emily Rivard, 2017

Detroit Roller Derby, Alive and Well at the Masonic

There's a lot of hidden gems in Detroit--one of them is the thriving roller derby league that has their games in the Masonic Hall right down town. 

The ladies on Dfunk asked Swift Creek Creative to do their team photos. Here's a shot of the team along with their trophy and pride and joy, Olive. Come and check them out going to https://www.detroitrollerderby.com for tickets. 

I'll be posting some action shots of Dfunk games soon. 



Kid Rock Protest, Detroit, 2017

The march against Kid Rock opening Little Caesar’s Arena had been, for the most part, against opening this public funded venue by a performer who’s past embracing of the Confederate flag and support of Trump were taken as a political slaps in the face by many city residents.  

At the marcher’s core were not the ANITFA that some expected. In fact, many appeared to be older residents of the city. They were joined by local clergy, non-profit workers (a couple of whom I recognized from having worked for Covenant House, Detroit years ago), and others who were equally appalled at the choice of opening acts.

The demonstration was organized and focused. The marchers began at Grand Circus, made their way to Little Caesars Arena and then back down Woodward. They chanted. They stopped to pray. There were angry words but no violence. Not as many concertgoers nervously passed police and protestors. Not as men flipped them off while screaming that they had no reason to protest and or that they had all been paid. Not as a stream of bikers gunned their engines to counter the protesters’ chants.

Detroit is still a city divided. It is a snap shot of our nation, where cultural, economic and class divisions are neatly laid out by streets and neighborhoods. For those with the means, the core city is one of entertainment, sports, gambling and economic growth. For others, it’s a land of food deserts, empty and underfunded schools, and despair.




Cellist At Night

I took a stroll through downtown Ann Arbor the other night, and amid the rabble and rush of returning students I found this cellist in a quiet corner of town lost in the echoes of his instrument, its melodies a welcome sound against the noise of the night. 

Kevin Z-1.jpg

Closet Space

When my friend Troy Ross of Rough Cut Designs asked me to take pictures of his last installation, I jumped at the chance. Troy makes closets and lighting systems with re-purposed car parts, black piping, and other materials. The effect and function are fabulous. As a photographer, the challenge was making images that really captured the product in such a small space. But such challenges are exactly what we like here at Swift Creek. By the way, you can find Rough Cut on instagram if like what you see. 


Took my son to a local roller rink, figuring it'd be fun to bring a bright lens and practice getting a shot of him zipping by. I came back with more than fun pics at the roller rink, but some images of Americana as well.